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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Posted by Irfan Doggar
| 8:02 PM

Coolest Android tricks you must try.
Android tricks are part and parcel of every Android’s life.

Android Tricks – Fun And Helpful

Google Android has achieved a lot over the years. We have recently covered some Android features that iOS must learn from Android. Surely, the best feature of an Android is its customizability and the way it lends itself to the user. Android has had a roller coaster ride starting from Apple Pie (Android 1.0) to Jelly Bean (Android 4.2). The interesting bit to this joyride has been the number of Android tricks that have spawned along the journey. In our post today, we bring you some of the coolest Android tricks that you must try.
Before we kick off, bear in mind the fact that all of the Android tricks stated will be available for ALL Android versions.

No PrintScreen button on Android but Android tricks make up for it..
No PrintScreen button? No worries: Android tricks get the job done.

Where Is My PrintScreen Button?

So you are wondering how to print screen without having to bother with the options? Fortunately or unfortunately, Android devices do not come with a PrintScreen button. So what? It wouldn’t hurt to use a combination of two buttons on an Android instead, would it?
That’s right: simply long press the power button and volume down button at the same time. Some would even be able to do this with a combination of Home and power button. Head to the gallery and you will find the printed screen saved in there. Handy in one of those quick time events, is it not? Androids have their perks afterall.

Android tricks allow you to take a picture while you capture video.
Say cheese and shoot with Android tricks.

Take A Photo While Shooting A Video

How many times would you find yourself in a position where you would want to capture a still photo while shooting a video? Android (specifically Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean) will make your wish come true. It is interesting how one of the coolest Android tricks is so simple to execute.
While you are shooting a video, tap the screen to capture the desired frame. Do not worry about having to manually save the image because it is automatically saved to the gallery. Continue shooting the video and then find the still image in the gallery.

Quick controls are an easier way to browse with less disruptions, thanks to Android tricks.
Quick Controls allow you a slightly better way of browsing, thank those Android tricks.

Quick Controls To Browse Smartly

Are you bored with the usual layout of the stock browser? If the answer is yes, ‘Labs’ brings Quick Controls to Android (Ice Cream Sandwich and Honeycomb onwards). Quick Controls comprises a collection of main features witnessed on the browser and it displays them in a small semi-circle.
Go to ‘Labs’ and enable Quick Controls from the options. You will notice that the URL bar and status bar will disappear as a result. Do not worry; this only gives you extra space for better viewing. Whenever you need to access the options (open new page, settings, search), just refer to the semi-circular graphic.

Flying Androids is an easter egg among the Android tricks.
Flying Androids is one of those funny Android tricks that will bring a smile on your face.

Fill The Screen With Androids In Space

Coolest Android tricks list is incomplete without an Easter egg. One that really sticks out is the one which unleashes an army of Androids on the screen. Well, it may not be one of the most useful but still forms part of those coolest Android tricks you must give a shot. It is still fun, to say the least.
So how do we pull this off? If you own an Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, head to Settings and then go to About Phone option lying right at the end of all others. Tap and hold the Android and see it get bigger. Repeatedly tap it until the Android explodes into many little Androids which you may drag around as you wish. With Jelly Bean, you would get Jelly Bean instead of an Android.

Use Android tricks to type using your voice.
Android tricks will allow you to type with your voice – convenient much?

Save Your Fingers, Use Your Voice

Feeling too cold to use your fingers for search or text messaging? Well, Android tricks are well in place to help you get through that. You might just be familiar with this but it is no surprise that a handy feature such as this makes it to the list of coolest Android tricks.
You notice that little microphone stacked in the corner down there? Of course, you do. However, there are times when we forget the simplest; yet, most helpful things in life. This might be another one. Solution? Use that microphone and say your stuff rather than having to type boatloads of messages.
If you know any other tricks, please share them with your fellow readers in the comments below.
- See more at: http://www.gsmnation.com/blog/2012/12/18/coolest-android-tricks-and-tips/#sthash.QHXSuCcV.dpuf

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