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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Posted by Irfan Doggar
| 12:25 PM

Top 5 Facebook Tricks to Impress your Friends

top 10 facebook tricks

Playing with Facebook is really nice idea, you all spend lots of time on Facebook in your daily routine,but if you know some tricks below it will add some value to daily use and will let you earn more likes and comments, hence today I am going to tell top 5 Facebook tricks, which are really awesome, although it is possible that you know about them but not all.
You might have seen lots of people posting some weird style status or any image which redirect to any profile while clicking over them, these top 5 Facebook tricks are tested by me and all are working, so there is no need to worry about them.
So here are the top 5 Facebook tricks:
1- How to post blank Status Update : If you want to post blank just type ‘@[0:0: ]‘ without quote in your status box and hit enter you will see images like this, but this trick will not work in chat box.
this is how blank status update look like on facebook

2- How to post Status in Blue color : Posting status in blue color is a trick , which will look like that you have posted any link, but this will be only a status in blue color, but clicking over the status will redirect someone to your profile. to do this just type ‘@@[0:[0:1: your status]]’ without quote in your status box and hit enter.it will look like below:
how to post blue color status on facebook

3- How post someone’s Profile picture in Facebook chat : This really cool trick, through which you can impress some one and it is not that much tough, to do this just type ‘[[username]]’ in messenger during chat. Replace the username with the person username whose pic you want to post in messenger, you can easily find the username of any person by just going on to their profile and then look on the url box, the last few words will be username.
For example you want to post the picture of my Facebook page ‘GeekGsm’ so just go to my Facebook page then look at the url box, it may look like :
https://www.facebook.com/GeekGsm‘  now ‘GeekGsm’is the username of my page, then you need to type ‘[[GeekGsm]]’ in chat box in order to make my Facebook page’s picture appear in chat box:

How post Profile picture in Facebook chat

4-How to post animated colorful text in Facebook chat : This cool trick to impress your friends by posting colorful letters or characters in the chat box, and for this there are special code for each alphabet character , using them you can make any word, below are the code for that , note that this trick will only work in Facebook Messenger.
[[107015582669715]] = A [[116067591741123]] = B [[115602405121532]] = C [[112542438763744]] = D [[115430438474268]] = E [[109225112442557]] = F [[111532845537326]] = G [[111356865552629]] = H [[109294689102123]] = I [[126362660720793]] = J [[116651741681944]] = K [[115807951764667]] = L [[106596672714242]] = M [[108634132504932]] = N [[116564658357124]] = O [[111669128857397]] = P [[107061805996548]] = Q [[106699962703083]] = R [[115927268419031]] = S [[112669162092780]] = T [[108983579135532]] = U [[107023745999320]] = V [[106678406038354]] = W [[116740548336581]] = X [[112416755444217]] = Y [[165724910215]] = Z

And this is how it may look like in chat box:
how to post animated colorful text in Facebook chat

and to do this i have used the code combination [[111532845537326]] [[115430438474268]] [[115430438474268]] [[116651741681944]] [[111532845537326]] [[115927268419031]] [[106596672714242]]
Please note that there is one space between each character so don;t forget to leave a space otherwise you will find simple code instead of colorful characters in chat box.

5-Best and last Facebook trick: ‘http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363‘ paste this link any where, this is actually ones own profile link, whenever any user will click on this it will redirect them to their own profile, this is the best way to confuse anyone and make attention to your post.
Stay tuned with us for more tricks and dont forget to like our Facebook Page to keep you updated…and  what do you think about these tricks please share your thought below in comment section and if you know any other tricks please share in comment box below.

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